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Post by [Don]Datunio on Sun Jul 13, 2014 7:54 pm

Rules to protect primarily !

1. Don't kill our clan members.
2. Don't disrespect to our clan members.
3. Must obey the guild officials.
4. Don't be dishonest.
5. Don't insult or trollish to Don clan members.
6. All members must show up, help out where needed.
7. All members of the clan will wear the clan tag "[Don]".
8. Council members must communicate with one another every time they do something important, to prevent misunderstandings between council members.
9. All officials must full fill their duty.
10. All members of this clan shall respect.
11. Clan Members are to follow higher rankers orders of which they're limited to.
12. Double clan is not allowed.

If you are going inactive more than 4 weeks (1 month) open new topic in "news" section and let us know.

As a clan follow principles.
Breaking our clan principles in anyway will not be tolerated.
Clan members do not report each other on UGP forum
Clan members do not report each other on UGP forum if you have any problem first try to report here.

Clan members do not leave events without explaining themselves
We are making events on the server for our clan members but if you're logged into the server should have explained why we do not want to spend time with us.

Gang Rules.
We have official gang "[Don] Clan".
This is for every members of our gang.
1. Every [Don] clan members must have been in our gang.
2. No flood/spam in gang chat.
3. Every members of our gang must help each other where needed.
4. No gang killing and disrespecting.
5. Every members of our gang must defend if other gang's capturing our territories.

Helping in gang may help you if you are applying for Don.

All you have to obey the rules, other wise he/she will get one or two warnings and if we get a repeat of the clan we will kick him/her.

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