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Post by [Don]Datunio on Sun Nov 30, 2014 11:39 pm

Junior Member

If player has under 50 hours playtime.


With +50 hours playtime.


They have to train/practice Junior Members to make them full member.
Helps Junior Members & Members to rise rank.

Special Member

They can decide important thinks in stressful situation.
They can make suggestions plans for future decisions.
Members obeys to Special Member.
Special Member is adviser of Owner/Founder.


They can control gang system (kick/invite).
They can make decision by them self without asking higher rank members.
They can change color and chat color in gang.


They can accept member or deny applications.
They can use Owner functions when Owners are not in game, IRC or inactive/vacation.
They can change or set gang base position.


They can change rules.
They can accept members or deny applications.
They can promote members.
Make new board on forum.
Can change everything in gang system (Name,Make New Rank, Promote/Demote Members exc.).
They can set forum rank.
Owner is most powerful  rank in Don clan.

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