Chelo's application

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Chelo's application

Post by [Don]CHELO on Thu Jan 15, 2015 1:58 pm

About you :

In-game name: CHELO
Real name: ako chelidze
Age: 14
More about yourself:  Hello everyone i'm Ako from georgia 14 years old, i'm Jubas irl friend. He asked me to make app for Don and he helping me.
Country/Timezone:  Georgia
Who has invited you to join Don? Juba i think
Why do you want to join Don clan?: because i think that don is best clan in this server
Other languages?: Georgian.

Skills related :

Rate your RW skills(5.5/10) 
Rate your WW skills?(5.5/10) 

In-game stats :

Previous clans :
Why did you leave / get kicked / or denied : 
Rate your English (out of 10): 
Hours In-game: 
In-game kills : 

Terms :

If you get accepted, new Name(with [Don] tag):  [Don]CHELO
Do you agree that if you break any of Don's rules then you can be demoted?  Yes 
Do you agree that you will follow instructions of higher ranked Don members?  Yes
Do you agree that your rank can be removed if you are inactive without letting us known?  Yes
Do you agree that you are satisfied with any rank we offer you? Yes


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Re: Chelo's application

Post by [Don]Michael on Sat Jan 17, 2015 3:19 am


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New Name: [Don]CHELO

Good luck.

Locked & Moved.

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