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Forum rules [MUST READ !] Empty Forum rules [MUST READ !]

Post by [Don]Datunio on Sun Jul 13, 2014 8:28 pm

Every user of this forum deserves and has to be respected.
You must not use any kind of racial terms, swear/flame words in general or against other players, so that nobody feels discriminated (For example against skin, color, gender, race, etc...) or not welcomed. This counts for all your posts, comments, personal messages or other inputs you may bring in.

Doublepost (A post that is followed by another post from the same person) has to be avoided. In case you notice that something is missing in your post after submitting, please use the "Modify" - Button to modify your post.
Do not spam or flood the forum with either oversized posts and topics or useless posts just to increase the post counter.
Headlines may be pointed out, but not the whole post. Also mind writing complete sentences in capital letters only.
Always make sure to read and understand the "Head-Topic(s)" of each section before posting there.

Picures or videos which demonstrate or may refer people to: illegal sites, siteswith costs, sites which could make people aggressive are prohibited.
No pornography at all. Remember that there are minors here, so pornographic depictions are not desirabled at all here.

Advertising for other servers by IP, such as discussions about software piracy is prohibited at all. Advertisements for your personal homepages, youtube channels, facebook profiles or similar sites is allowed, as long as it does not expand too much, but going on and on is forbidden.

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