My Application

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My Application

Post by ]Karen[ on Sun Jun 07, 2015 12:57 am

About you :

In-game name: ]Karen[
Real name: Karen Juliana
Age: 14
More about yourself:  I live in Ibague/Colombia, i am actually studying in the Liceo Nacional, i love Metal and i am here thanks to my cousin Razz
Country/Timezone: Colombia / -5 GMT
Who has invited you to join Don?: Juba
Why do you want to join Don clan?: Because is the first clan i will join and i would like to be with a lot of members to capture territories
Other languages?: Spanish

Skills related :

Rate your RW skills(?/10): 2/10
Rate your WW skills?(?/10): 2/10

In-game stats :

Previous clans : -none-
Why did you leave / get kicked / or denied : not yet
Rate your English (out of 10): 3/10
Hours In-game: 113 hours
In-game kills : 2000+

Terms :

If you get accepted, new Name(with [Don] tag): Yes
Do you agree that if you break any of Don's rules then you can be demoted?: yes
Do you agree that you will follow instructions of higher ranked Don members?: yes
Do you agree that your rank can be removed if you are inactive without letting us known?: Yes
Do you agree that you are satisfied with any rank we offer you?: Yes


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Re: My Application

Post by [Don]Juba on Mon Jun 15, 2015 6:54 pm


New name: [Don]Karen
Rank: Member
Forum rank: Don Member

Welcome to Don clan !

Good luck.


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