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Post by [Don]Karan on Thu Nov 05, 2015 3:14 am


The UGP server got recently closed and we all are upset because of it. But UGP was always a strong friendly community, mostly because of the people who were playing and making UGP the one we know.

A few days already gone since 31st of October, but I'm really glad to tell that our great team of UGP ex-players is not going to fall to pieces! We all want to continue staying in touch and playing together with out old friends, and we have such possibility!

Four years ago, in 2011, well-known managers Jay and ColaZero established a new awesome server, which was only growing up and becoming even better place during the past years. And now it's ready to welcome you!

The server is ruled by the old UGP crew, so you can be sure about the nice attitude to you there. There are also amazing people in the server management, with whom you'll be able to become acquainted. The smell of peace, fun and friendship is everywhere!

The server is called eXtreme StuntinG, so mostly it's about stunts - you'll find unique stunt zones everywhere on this server. But also the server is familiar with the UGP - you can participate in races, make deathmatches and derbies, or at least be a hitman. Also you'll be able to see a property system to buy your own house, and you even can have your personal vehicle - just for 100 cookies. Cookies? Yes, cookies! eXtreme StuntunG has cookies, too - get them for winning different events or reaction tests - they also exist here! Plus the server has a built-in cops&robbers system - you can become a cop, prescribe /ticket for a violator and much more!

Our goal is to collect all the UGP community in a new home, sweet home called eXtreme StuntinG. Jay has already done a great job - the whole Pwning Society (PS) Clan has been moved to eXtreme StuntinG! You already can meet lots of people you know on this server!
Join us and stay with us, with people you know and like for years!
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